What We Do

From concept to completion we take projects from the pre-design stage through to finishing and post-occupancy.  In doing this we create holistic spaces built to fit your needs; we build comfortable, sustainable homes. We design and build homes that are customized to your needs while considering the environmental impact throughout the process.

Sustainable Design

Our plans are designed considering what you want, not based on what is 'normally' done. We will incorporate any feature that will make your life easier and more comfortable. A well designed small space provides all the ease and comfort of a larger space with a reduced environmental footprint.

Site specific design- makes the most of sites available resources and inspires the form of your project.

Integrated design- ensures that each of the building’s systems work together to reduce energy use and increase comfort.

Long lasting design- ensures that our projects are designed with weather tight details and built with materials that will withstand the tests of our climate.

Renewable Technologies

We incorporate renewable energy systems and water recovery based on site surveys, your needs and the financial payback of systems. Options include solar hot water, wind power, and solar power. Insulating your building beyond the building code requirements will drastically reduce your energy needs.

Custom Construction

We combine craftsman woodworking techniques and joinery with innovative designs to create one of kind homes. Custom components are built offsite in our woodshop. 

Waste- we reuse and recycle as much construction waste as possible, reducing the amount of waste added to landfills and reducing your overall environmental footprint.

Materials- the use of durable materials, reclaimed products, locally milled lumber, and materials with low toxicity and low voc’s reduces the environmental footprint of your project, while supporting local businesses. When possible we will eliminate finishing materials by integrating the structure and finished design. This is done with polished concrete floors, exposed timber framing, and custom building hardware designed to be a feature in the finished home.

General Contracting

We ensure the same quality or work whether we build a project ourselves or oversee the construction of a project. We use trades people who share our values and quality of workmanship. Every Jonker Custom project creates a unique space with a low environmental impact that is an extension of who you are. Combining your needs and the needs of our environment helps to create a space that you will love and be proud of.