Laneway Homes

Laneway homes or coach homes are secondary suites that are detached from the main home. Laneway homes increase density in areas that are already supplied by city services. By increasing density in such area, urban sprawl and encroachment on untouched land are slowed. Laneway homes provide rental income by renting out either the coach house or by moving into the smaller space while renting out your main house.

The City of Vancouver and City of Nanaimo have recently passed bylaws allowing laneway houses on corner properties and properties which abut a lane.

Laneway housing adds to the supply and variety of housing in single-family area while maintaining their character and appeal. Laneway houses are modest in size, like the garages they replace. That lets backyards remain open and sunny green spaces, and lets homeowners build on their own lots, rather than requiring major site redevelopment. Adding people to a neighbourhood has many benefits. More eyes on them street means better public safety, and more people means more customers, increased business, livelier streets. The approach saves money, too – unlike new subdivisions, city neighbourhoods already have water mains, sewers, power and phone lines.

Laneway Housing Fact Sheet, City of Vancouver

We customize low impact laneway houses to match your needs and your neighbourhood. Jonker Custom Building is excited about the opportunities that laneway housing provide and looks forward to being a part of the laneway housing movement in Nanaimo.